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The Goodbye Place

You have the chance to say goodbye. Would you take it?

The Goodbye Place is an upcoming horror film by Shooters Productions written by local Script To Film contest winner, Julia Balzano. Julia is an eighteen year-old student, writer, and musician who lives with her parents and six sisters.

The Goodbye Place is a horror film including elements of drama, psychological thrillers, and science fiction. The film asks questions about how far we are willing to go to see our lost loved ones again, to get that last goodbye. Journey into The Goodbye Place to experience a film where death is not the final answer.


  • Danielle Moore as “Jess”
  • Dave Meadows as “Ben”
  • Susan Stepputis as “The Nurse”

Shooters Productions would like to thank the cast for being a part of the Goodbye Place and for bringing it to life with their talents. Working alongside them has made this project into something truly special.

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